Top SEO mistakes

When you are working on your site, Google Analytics data shows a huge loss in traffic. You check a few of the most visited pages and find out some of them have been forgotten or never indexed by search engines.. So what happened? This article will help you discover some of the least known SEO mistakes so you can avoid them when it comes to improving site rankings on search engines.

1) No meta-description

Meta description tags contain brief information about the content on a specific page for which they belong rather than being seen as just another element on a web page. Meta descriptions should be more concise – around 150 characters, give or take, including spaces between words – while still describing the web page’s relevant content.

2) Using too many keywords in one meta tag

Avoid stuffing meta tags with unnecessary keywords. Too many keywords may look like keyword-stuffing and can trigger penalty warnings by Google (and other search engines). When you are working on meta tags, keep them short and sweet. Also, remember to avoid duplicating words within your meta tag for each page of the site since it’s unnecessary and looks unprofessional.

3) Using more than one keyword per page

Google has become smarter over time, so it is more difficult nowadays to trick it into awarding high rankings by stuffing meta tags with too many keywords. Some SEO experts still recommend using no more than 2% of keywords found in the content on a webpage because eventually, Google may catch on that you are just trying to game their system. If you use more than one keyword or key phrase per web page, stick with one – preferably the most important keyword for the specific page – and make sure it appears in the header of that web page.

If you want to increase your rankings, engage with visitors and generate leads in the process, be sure not to make these common mistakes. Your SEO success is just a few tweaks away.