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 Welcome to ProStats


Professional Statistics gives any site on the Internet the ability to log and track who is visiting them each and every day of the year. Everything from the number of pages a single unique visitor views to the browser they used to view them is tracked (Feature list below). Please note that this service is now closed, see our Service Status page for more. Our parent site(s), ISP Review UK and Host Review UK, continue to operate.

ProStats Features

Real-Time Statistics Reporting
Password Protection for Stats
Visitors By Day, Month, Year, Page
Pageviews By Day, Month, Year, Page
Instant 7 Day Stats Overview
Stats from Search Engines
Detailed Referring Website Stats
Stats By Location
Hourly & Up To The Minute Stats
Stats By Browser, Plugins & Javascript
Bar Chart Output for All/Anything
Text Output for All/Anything
Track individual users through site
Stats By Operating System & Resolution

All website statistics, be they for referring domains, unique visitors, pageviews or search engines etc. have Day, Month and Year summaries.

The above image is our small banner, which your site will display after code placement.

Service Comment

"It's difficult to find a system that's not only unusually detailed with stats, but also fast and extremely accurate. Thankfully your system proved to be exactly that and just what we needed to monitor our growing business - THANKS!"

- Toby Kitchen
AGB Design

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