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Wednesday, 28-Jun-2017 09:01:53 CEST 

Service News

Sunday 15th September 2007

Following on from the recent newsletter, Prostats has now closed

I highly recommend the FREE Google Analytics as an alternative.

Monday 5th June 2006

We have begun moving the basic user account details from the old system over to our new platform. More details can be found on our 'Newsletter' section. Members should receive their new password e-mail shortly and will then need to login and download the new counter code.

Monday 3rd June 2004

We're testing a change to the system in the hope that this will ease the server load somewhat. However, all members are REQUIRED to login to their accounts and click 'Show Code' as your tracking will not continue unless updated.

Monday 31st May 2004

The system has become overloaded with traffic. We tried to reduce this by cutting a few of the "too busy" sites out, yet this has failed to improve matters. We've taken the entire stats service offline until Wednesday so that we can better understand the problem.

Tuesday 29th July 2003

It appears as if the database server has been twitchy over the past few days, although things now appear to be back to normal. Some stats may have dropped and others could have refused to track at all.

Monday 23rd June 2003

Typically the system chose to run into a wall just as I went away on holiday and has thus remained unresolved until now. Thankfully we have identified the bug that was causing the problems.

It appears as if too much ‘path’ data (URLs) was being logged and had thus managed to fill up the entire database. We’ve emptied the corresponding database fields until the bug can be isolated and resolved, other stats should now be tracking again.

Wednesday 2nd April 2003

We fixed a bug with the 'Top 20 Websites' output, it should now display correctly. The new system appears to be working well, although you may see some small disruption over the next few days due to a server upgrade.

Saturday 15th March 2003

The new code is now online ahead of time, please see our 'Newsletter' page for more..

Friday 14th March 2003

We’ve finally got the new code up and running on this server, although it’s not quite public yet and further formatting is required before we can officially announce it.

Public trials of the new software should begin within the next few weeks, a newsletter will be sent out to confirm this soon.

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