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Wednesday, 28-Jun-2017 09:00:53 CEST 


This page will show all of the past newsletters we've sent out to members.

ProStats Newsletter - ProStats Upgrade News (June 28th 2006)
Every member of the original ProStats system has now been moved across to the newer one, which has been up and running for over a month.

With this done we have decided to switch off the old tracking system on Monday 3rd July 2006 next week. Unfortunately some active users continue to use the old systems tracking code and must remember to update this before the system is disabled (login to get the code).

ProStats Newsletter - ProStats Upgrade (June 4th 2006)
We will shortly be upgrading all members to the new v2 website statistics monitoring software. The new code should be leaner and suffer fewer internal faults.

Registered users can expect an e-mail sometime in the next few days, confirming their new account details. You will then need to re-visit the site in order to download the new counter code.

The old system will continue to operate for a week or two during this transition, hence users should make a note of the login page for it (will be replaced by the new one when accounts are moved):

The only downside is that we can not copy over stats history; hence the new system will start as a blank slate. ProStats is a technology test that we offer freely while it is developed and the resources do not exist to convert such complex data.

Users have no need to take any further action, we will do it all.

ProStats Newsletter - URGENT Account Change (March 15th 2003)
For the past few months we've been busy testing the new ProStats website tracking code and have only recently begun beta testing it.

Sadly the old system has just run out of web space, much sooner than we expected, and consequently this is causing much of the tracking to be suspended by the server.

In light of this problem we've decided to switch to the more efficient code ahead of time. The main site has now been updated with new links to the signup pages etc.:

You can no longer access the old system through the main site, although it does still exist. Any accounts left on the old system will be erased within two weeks or less because that's the only way to re-gain the web space.

The new database driven code has better log-file management and can compress data on-the-fly, however please remember that it is NOT yet finished and may be offline now and again while we continue to work on it (stats should still be tracked).

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