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 Welcome to ProStats

Wednesday, 28-Jun-2017 09:01:42 CEST 

Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains details of the questions most often asked by users of the service, or those that wish to join up. If you find a question you'd like to ask is not present, then please E-Mail us and we'll not only help you, but also include it in the list, thanks.

Question 1: Is ProStats really free?
Yes it's a 100% free service bar the use of a tiny banner being displayed on the members site.
Question 2: How can you offer such a service for free?
The service is currently under trial, but any future earnings will be collected from advertising on our site directly.
Question 3: Who will be able to see my stats?
Only you, our stats are private. Note that there is an option for making full stats public, however we are not supporting this due to security reasons.
Question 4: How long does it take before I can check my stats after signup?
The system is active instantly, although you will need to place the exact tracking code on your site before anything is actually visible.
Question 5: Will any of my details be given out to third parties?
No! All information, accept that of your sites name and URL, is kept private and encoded on the system.
Question 6: How do I add the HTML code to my site?
A simple copy and paste through whatever program you use should suffice, just make sure it's between the <BODY> tags.
Question 7: What if I forget my password?
On the login page you will see an option for finding your password.
Question 8: What if I forget my e-mail address?
Then perhaps you shouldn't be using the Internet at all =).
Question 9: What's an IP?
Whenever you logon to the net an IP is dynamically assigned to you, it's a different four sequenced number every time and represents your connection to the world. This is used for tracking 'UNIQUE' visitors on our system.
Question 10: How are the Top Sites selected?
The output is based on the most popular sites from the last 3-5 days, ones with the most amount of unique visitors & pageviews. Members can exclude their site from this through the interface.
Question 11: The HTML code isn't showing up correctly on my site.
This could be any number of things, browser incompatibility (update to a newer version), disabled Javascript etc. Generally it's caused by members using an HTML editor, which can screw up the code. It's always wise to add the code via a simple text editor instead.

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