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 Welcome to ProStats

Wednesday, 28-Jun-2017 09:00:43 CEST 


Professional Statistics (ProStats) started life on the 1st August 2000 as the initial design template was uploaded to a newly formed server and domain. The system itself didn't go completely live until the 14th August when we were satisfied that it was bug free, fast and accurate. Our goal is to bring one of the most detailed and professional (hence the name) statistics systems to the UK, a place where very few such systems exist.
We believe that people in the UK would like to use a system in their own country, rather than one from over the largest of oceans. However the Internet is global and as such we can be used just as effectively from the USA as the UK thanks to our network links.

Our system will expand and improve as time goes by, our policy of constant improvement means we can only every get better.

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